Say “Bienvenue!” to a brand new identity!

Chef Scot Craig of Katie’s in Mid-City and Francesca took over as executive chef of Bienvenue in Harahan, LA and we let the world know that the Bienvenue that they knew was about to change.

The restaurant was rebranded as Bienvenue, on Hickory which meant a new identity system, an updated menu featuring Chef Scotie’s flair, the addition of a weekend brunch, and a new social strategy that helped generate new customers and foster a better reputation.


Brand Identity
Social Content
Print Collateral


August, 2019
– Present



A brand spanking new Bienvenue meant a refresh of their brand that brought them into the 21st Century. This new identity needed to be versatile and work in a variety of applications including print, digital, and signage.

An updated website was created using the guidelines of their new identity system that focused on the customer experience and expectation.

Since August, we have rolled out street team promotional campaigns, in restaurant print ads, social media ads and promotions, and unique photo and video content.