The Osterfeld Agency To Provide Free Support Amidst Coronavirus Panic

The Osterfeld Agency announced today that they will provide free support for restaurants and hospitality businesses who are looking for assistance on how to manage social media platforms and effectively communicate with their customers due to the coronavirus. The agency will provide free support and training for business owners who need help with accessing these platforms, where to post, how to post and when is the most effective time to engage with customers on their channels.  The agency will also help with messaging in the event of any public relations issues, from an advisory standpoint.

Services include:

Facebook Training:

We will teach you how to create and boost posts that reach your customers, how and what to post to your stories to keep people engaged, and how to manage your news feed in regards to responding to comments.

Instagram Training:

We will teach you how to manage your instagram profile including posts to your feed, your story, and boosting posts to get in front of your customers.

Copy/Content Help:

We will help you come up with content and copy that focuses on your business and keeps your customers in the loop.

These services will be free to those who need them from March 12 – March 19th and will be available on a first come first served basis.

“I think it is important that the restaurant and general business community come together to help each other out during difficult times. This is going to be one of those times for a few weeks. If we work together we can all come out strong on the other side” said Michael Osterfeld, President of The Osterfeld Agency.

“We will be making our staff available to support as needed daily from noon – 5 pm, and we will help as many people as we can” he noted, saying that response times will be based on volume.

The Osterfeld Agency is a New Orleans based leading hospitality marketing agency providing full scale services in branding, social and digital marketing, web development and more.

For assistance, please contact the agency at (504) 533-8869, our live chat on this page, or send an email to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


LRA | Coronavirus Preparedness

CDC | Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

WHO | Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Food Talk with Chef Scotie and Michael Osterfeld

Food Talk With Chef Scotie 

Join Chef Scot Craig of Katie’s, Francesca, and Bienvenue, and Michael Osterfeld of the Osterfeld Agency on this weeks episode of esteemed New Orleans food critic and radio personality Tom Fitzmorris’s podcast. Chef Scot talks food in New Orleans and about his newest restaurant Bienvenue located in Harrahan, Louisiana.

Check out the Podcast here.

Fantastic Pastas and Where We Rank Them


Let’s spaghet something straight, not all pasta is equal. I thought for national pasta day we should look at a few of the standard types of pastas accompanied by some others and decide which is the best and worth your time. Keep in mind none of these kinds of pasta are bad, all of them are easily a 6/10 at least. However, some truly do shine and stick out from the rest. Heres our list and how they rank.


7. Penne

Have you heard of structural integrity? If not don’t feel bad neither has a penne. Most of the time penne is cooked just a little too long or not long enough. This leaves you with a noodle that’s a little too firm or one that gets soggy and breaks apart under the sauce and attacks from your fork. It’s not the worst noodle but on this list of frontrunners, it falls short.

6. Gomito (aka macaroni)

It’s macaroni. It goes great with cheese and sometimes a hot glue gun. All jokes aside though macaroni is a great choice for kids and when you need to make a lot of food for get-togethers or parties. Its a nice base that’s easy enough to build on and improve. Throw a few different cheeses in, maybe some bacon, and toss some bread crumbs on top and call it a masterpiece.

5. Fusilli

Fusilli is a fascinatingly average pasta. The thing that is has going for it is the fun nature of the twists and twirls. Overall its kind of like a less boring penne. I would dub fusilli as the strictly pasta salad noodle.

4. Linguine

Like spaghetti but wider and more elliptical in shape, linguine is an okay pasta. It’s not bad but its also not great, nothing about it really stands out from the rest or have a wow factor that some of the ones higher on the list have (Im looking at you bucatini)

3. Fettuccine

You wanna know the worst thing to happen to fettuccine? Alfredo sauce. Okay maybe not the worst thing, but it still isn’t great. This pasta has been plagued with almost exclusively being served with a white cream sauce. While yes technically thats not the noodles fault it still plays a factor here. I will say that fettuccine has the most potential of the noodles on our list because its not often that people get creative with this one.

2. Spaghetti

Okay I get it, “spaghetti is the most normal of the noodles so it shouldn’t be this high on the list” you say. You’re wrong. Spaghetti isn’t “normal”, its classic. At least for those of us in the US that is. A majority of you probably grew up eating mostly spaghetti when it came to pasta. Its affordable, easy to cook, and great with any sauce. Its a blank canvas for almost all of the ingredients in your fridge and just asking to be experimented with.

1. Bucatini

It’s like spaghetti but cooler. It’s a medium thickness pasta that’s hollow on the inside. This allows for the sauce to fill up this space allowing each bite to have the perfect amount of flavor. You’re never left feeling like you had a bland bite. It manages to find a great balance between fun/exciting (maybe that’s just me who thinks its fun) and fancy. The thickness of the noodle makes it a great choice for heavier sauces thanks to the fact that you don’t lose the taste of the pasta under the other flavors, while also managing to be great with a nice olive oil-based sauce allowing the flavor of the noodle alone to take the lead.

P.S. We left out some of the superstars such as ravioli as we felt it had an unfair advantage and belonged in its own category


Stanley: A Delicious Exploration of Flavor in the French Quarter

The Start to A Good Day:

Our morning began at the office; checking emails, updating social calendars, and finalizing the details of a website build for a new client. Mike asked, “Hey, want to go check out Stanley this morning? I hear they’re a great breakfast spot.” My answer was, “Duh.” Because who doesn’t want to check out new breakfast spots? Especially one that situated right on the corner of Jackson Square caddy-corner to St. Louis Cathedral. We parked about two blocks away with no trouble, but if we had come a month earlier, we may have spent 15 minutes trying to find a spot. Upon arrival we were greeted at the front door and asked to be seated next to a window. Through the window we could see street artists, musicians, and tourists alike making their way through the square and into the quarter.

We waited about three minutes and were ready to order. Our waiter came over almost as soon as I had set my menu down and we ordered. I ordered the Breaux Bridge Benedict and Mike got the Eggs Benedict Poor Boy. We both ordered sides of the Creole Breakfast Potatoes. The Breaux Bridge Benedict was made of two thick pieces of French bread (likely Leidenheimer’s) topped with boudin, cheese, poached eggs, green onions, covered with hollandaise sauce and ham on the side. The Eggs Benedict Poor Boy is a po-boy with a breakfast twist. Slices of ham sit on top of toasted French bread with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and green onions. The Creole Breakfast Potatoes were to die for. They are a standard potato hash well seasoned with creole flavors and green onions mixed in for some extra flavor.

Enjoy Some Pictures:

Stanley was a phenomenal experience and some of the best breakfast food I have had in quite a while. I would highly recommend this place to any New Orleanian and especially to tourists looking to get a delicious start to their day. Thanks Stanley!

When asked for comment (across our only desk), Mike Osterfeld says, “That was a f*cking delicious breakfast.”

Stanley can be found at 547 St. Ann Street in the French Quarter. They are open 7am to 7pm every day.

Go like them on Facebook!

Written by Graham Cooper

Chef Scotie Talks Saints Games at Bienvenue

New Orleans is a Saints town.  And Harahan is no different.  Saints fans are spread far a wide here in the surrounding area.  So, Bienvenue is hosting Saints watch parties for every game.

Drink specials, happy hour menu, good company and great fun.  Check out Chef Scotie talking about the Saints game watch parties below.

8 Bar and Restaurant Background Music Tips to Boost Sales

So, this week we are talking about music in restaurants and bars.    Buzztime did an awesome write up of all the top tips, which we are aggregating here….So check it out….here are the top 2…click over to their site to read the entire article…and it’s worth it.  And backed up be real science and research!

From their site:


Tip #1) Play Slow Tempo Music During Slower Dayparts to Speed Up Drink Sales

When you have a lull in customer traffic – maybe mid-afternoon or early evening – don’t try to energize patrons with loud or lively music. Instead, play slow tempo restaurant background music. Why? Because a study shows that slower tempo music will encourage patrons to stick around and spend up to 40 percent more on drinks and desserts.

While food orders didn’t increase in the study, drink and dessert orders went up. So, make sure you promote your drink and dessert menus during slower dayparts. A great way to do this is with eye-catching digital signage you can change out with the dayparts.


And this one….

Tip #4) Pump Up the Jams…

Want to boost drink sales? Turn up the volume of your restaurant background music. Research shows that simply turning music on at a bar will lead to increased alcohol sales. Then, playing that music at higher volumes increases the rate of alcohol consumption even more. Be responsible. This study has been utilized to urge bars to monitor patrons for excessive alcohol consumption in short time periods. You should always instruct your bartenders to stop serving alcohol if a guest is becoming inebriated.


And of course this one….

Tip #5) Turn Up the Tempo and Turn Tables Faster

We covered what type of restaurant background music to play during slow dayparts. But when business is rockin’ during peak periods, you need a different approach. To turn tables faster, one often-referenced study recommends playing fast tempo music. In the study, when 62 sets of couples heard fast tempo restaurant background music, they believed they spent more time at the restaurant than they actually did. This is great for two reasons: tables turned faster yet guests still perceived that they spent a good amount of time dining. They didn’t feel “rushed” out.


Intrigued so far?  Check out the full article by our friends at Buzz Feed for some must know music tips!

Click Here


Thanks for staying tuned in!



Wendy’s and Creative Twitter Marketing


So, if you haven’t had time to check out Wendy’s Twitter account you should.  It is a perfect example of how creative and risky marketing can pay off.  Sometimes, just Tweeting about things isn’t really going to get you the traffic you want.  But, Tweeting in a way that is fresh and exciting, albeit potentially offensive to some, can be a big win for your brand.  Taking calculated risks and managing expectations can pay off in the long term.

Check out this recent post from Forbes detailing the approach here:  A check out this excerpt below:


Under Kane, Wendy’s social media team — which he said numbers only five in-house, as it also works with marketing agency VML — sits near its brand and insights team. The teams have “monthly powwows to come up with ideas.” They’ve also studied the company’s advertising history closely to have a uniform voice for the brand identity and worked with Wendy’s chefs and the culinary team to learn about menu items.

“We are very intentionally integrated,” Kane said. “We spend a lot of time together as a collective. “

Giving the team free rein means making mistakes at times, he acknowledges. “I see stuff that surprises me all the time,” he said. “We want to be likable and sassy. We don’t want to be seen as sarcastic and rude. But we walk a fine line. Sometimes we get it wrong in tone.”