Nola Caye Set to Arrive in December

A new but welcomed addition is on its way to the Warehouse District

The owners of Restaurant des Familles in Marrero are set to launch a new eatery at 898 Baronne St. in the Warehouse District called Nola Caye. Nola Caye will serve “Caribbean inspired cuisine,” creating a nice relationship between island flavors and local cuisine.

But Who’s Behind this Food Fusion

Co-owners Bryan and Brooke Zar have extensive careers in hospitality. The two of them spent six years working in management with Houston’s restaurant organization in nine cities before finally coming home to New Orleans in 2008. In 2009, the couple purchased Restaurant des Familles from its former owner and have spent the last decade transforming it into a great spot for locals and tourists alike.

Menu Preview:

The menu features starters ($8 to $16) such as coconut shrimp, ahi tuna ceviche and jalapeño queso dip. Customers are also available to choose from several taco options such as Baja fish and Caribbean pork, or sandwiches like a Cuban or even lobster rolls. For entrees ($15 to $33), they will offer a Jamaican beef stew and grilled mahi-mahi with chimichurri sauce and black bean-mango salsa. This is only a handful of items from the menu which will feature more than what we have listed here.

Keep your eye out for the opening of Nola Caye and tell us what you think about it if you get a chance to try their fusion between Caribbean and Local flavors.

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WTF happened to my food?

Have you ever ordered delivery or take-out and after getting your food realized that something was off? With the emergence of food delivery services such as Waitr or doordash it’s becoming a common occurrence that peoples food is being tampered with or in some cases even being eaten before it gets to the customer. It would be great if restaurants started implementing a way for you to know if your food has been messed with in anyway upon receiving it.

RESTAURANT –  it’s time to seal the deal

Thankfully there is such a way to do this. Restaurants can purchase food seal stickers here, and if the seal is broken it immediately lets the customer know that their food may not be up to standard with the restaurants expectations. These stickers are not only helpful for the ones receiving the food, but also for the restaurants themselves. Countless times restaurants are slandered for poor quality in there delivered food, and in some cases it wasn’t the restaurants fault. 

I Scream you scream we all scream when someone licks our ice cream 

Take out food should be regulated like any other type of food, such as jars that have tamper evident tops or bottles with break away plastic locks. Not to long ago there was a scandal centered around Blue Bell, involving customers opening and kicking the ice cream and then putting it back in the freezers. This issue spawned a to add plastic wraps around their ice cream similar to how Ben and Jerrys does theirs. The petition can be found here. It’s time that we no longer have to be weary of our food being messed with or eating before it gets to our door.

Check out another example of a security tape option:

Check out this product:  HERE

Written by William Cooper