The Duke LoCicero Signature Club is Live!

It’s Finally Here!

Sign up for the Signature club today to receive exclusive offers, deals, and promotions.

If you sign up now you’ll receive 2 small plates and a glass of wine for $22! You’ll also be notified when new promotions come out, so you never miss an opportunity to eat great food at a great price. 

Dab’s Spicy Shrimp

Get Onboard!

You can sign up here, and while you’re at it check out the other specials we have running right now. We hope to see you stop by, say hello, and eat some delicious New Orleans Cuisine!

Ho Ho Head on Down to Dabs

Christmas at dab’s

Celebrate this holiday season with some exciting new things coming to Dab’s Bistro as part of their special Christmas Eve Dinner menu. Enjoy Dukes’ handcrafted three-course meal, with your choice of a starter, an entree, and a dessert.



eat right this season

Start your night with and order of chefs Duke’s famous meatballs, then enjoy some grilled lamb chops with sweet rosemary tomato balsamic sauce with creamy cheesy polenta. Finally, finish off your night with an amazing Banana fosters bread pudding and drinks at the bar. Keep in mind this is merely one of many combinations you can make, the full menu has six starters, six entrees, and 5 desserts to choose from. Not in the mood for lamb? Don’t fret, there’s plenty of seafood, beef, and chicken dishes to choose from.


Spread the cheer

This holiday season reward yourself and your family with an amazing dinner from an amazing chef. The three-course Christmas Eve dinner is $45 and is served from 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm on Christmas Eve. Don’t stress about what to do for your family meal, lets Dab’s Bistro make it easy for you.

You Gotta Be Yourself: Why Your Agency Personality Matters

Brand Personality. What is it? Why does it matter?

We live in an era where everyone can see nearly everything that you do. There are pros and cons to having an online presence and an engaged audience. As a marketing and design agency, our social accounts exist to educate, update, and entertain our audience. The real question is, who is our audience and why are we sharing anything with them? Charlotte Day, a senior content marketing strategist at Contentworks, wrote on her blog, “A strong brand personality helps to create consistency across all consumer touch points. From your website to your social posts, there should be a strong brand identity which will make your followers feel safe and secure as consumers. Indeed, consistency can boost revenue by up to 23%, so it’s well worth knowing your brand inside out and coming up with content and style guides for all team members, so they’re on the same page.” 

Your personality as a marketing agency matters. There are tons of marketing agencies, freelance designers, and design consultancies that are competing for commercial clients. How do you set yourself apart? Chances are, many of these competitors do great work. But, so do you! Your personality may just be the reason that you won a client over a competing bid and they may not have known WHO you are unless you made that clear on your social accounts. So, make yourself known, and appeal to your specific audience…

Who is Your Audience? 

Who do you post for? Who likes, comments on, and shares your content? When it comes to The Osterfeld Agency, we post for our clients, potential clients, other design agencies, and designers and marketers who may want to work with us. It’s important to us that we share a bit of our client work, a window into our company culture, and tips that people in the marketing or restaurant industry can utilize to grow revenue and engagement.

You have to have an audience in order to have a meaningful personality. Think about yourself first. You are a microcosm of a brand. Why do your friends spend time with you? What does your significant other say about you to other people? What would your boss say about your work ethic? All of these things make up your brand and the people listed above count as your audience. Now think about your actual brand. Who is your audience and how would you talk to them? Define yourself and you have defined your audience.

So, Who is The Osterfeld Agency?

The Osterfeld Agency is small. We are close knit. Our interns work with our creative director and our president. There is a clear hierarchy, but there is also mutual respect. Each person is treated as an individual and creativity is nurtured. William Cooper, our digital media intern, manages all of our social accounts and our blog (even though he isn’t writing this post). When you hear from The Osterfeld Agency on social media, you are hearing directly from William, but you are also hearing from the rest of us. We have worked to develop a brand voice that echoes our creativity and agency personality. We are creative, we are hands-on, we are goofy.

How to Craft Meaningful Content

Create content that matters to you, and curate your audience based on your own interests. The easiest way to generate an interested following is to be yourself. Could you imagine making content that you didn’t care about? People can tell when you don’t care. So, do stuff that you care about! You will see us meeting with our clients weekly, eating at their restaurants, socializing with them. We are in an industry that operates in both business and pleasure. Our clients are our friends. Of course, we produce work for them, but we enjoy every aspect of production. We shoot photos and videos of food because we love to. We conduct interviews with our clients because we are interested in what they have to say and we think you will be, too.

You can follow us on instagram and facebook, where we will update our followers with client work, agency shenanigans, and marketing tips.

Written by Graham Cooper


Duke Locicero’s New Concept “Dab’s” Signs with Osterfeld Agency

The Osterfeld Agency is pleased to announce that it will be working with Dab’s as their marketing and public relations agency when it opens in the coming weeks.

Famed chef Duke Locicero will open the new restaurant in Metairie and as he put’s a new spin on some of his famous dishes from Cafe Giovanni in the Quarter.

“Chef Duke is a prolific name in the New Orleans restaurant business.  As a food lover I am excited to see what he comes up with.  As a marketer I am proud to be his official marketing partner.”  Said Michael Osterfeld, President of The Osterfeld Agency.

Duke is excited to be coming home and the restaurant is slated to open in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more exclusive content and check out the video below from the site “Featured” – where chef Duke is featured in a series of short interview clips about his new project.