The Osterfeld Agency X Ellie Rand PR

The Osterfeld Agency is excited to announce our partnership with Ellie Rand Public Relations! Together we will be helping small businesses across the state of Louisiana. We cant wait to work together to try and stay ahead of these difficult times for business owners and customers alike.

Ellie has over 25 years’ experience in the Public Relations industry. She has crafted and executed Public Relations campaigns for clients in the restaurant, tourism, hospitality, spirits, education, law, and non-profit industries, among others. She is known as a creative leader, crafting and executing multi-level Public Relations campaigns that involve a variety of tactics, including special events, publicity,  community outreach, partnerships, and social media content.  Ellie is admired for her ability to build widespread awareness for her clients while meeting marketing and sales goals. An accomplished copywriter and published essayist, Ellie began her career as an editorial assistant to the late Hunter S. Thompson and as a Book Publicist with Simon & Schuster in New York City. She has also served as Executive Vice-President for Community Engagement for The Times-Picayune/ Ellie holds a Masters of Mass Communication from L.S.U.’s Manship School of Mass Communication and a B.A. in English from Newcomb College of Tulane University.

Bienvenue, The Place to Be in Harahan

There is a lot of options when it comes to eating out in New Orleans. There’s everything from quick stop sandwich places if you’re looking for lunch, grab and go pizza places if you’re in the quarter. Sometimes, however, you want to sit down and enjoy some real southern food, from a place that has character, and personality. The place that comes to mind should be Bienvenue.

Now Bienvenue might not be a place that everyone thinks about when it comes to New Orleans Cuisine, because its located in Harahan, a suburb of New Orleans. I think its time we change that though. Over the past few months, Bienvenue has been shaping its self to be one of the best spots to eat in Jefferson Parish. They have a warm and inviting personality that’s genuine. Since they aren’t in the heart of the city it becomes very clear upon entering, that this is a local gem, frequented by the people of Harahan and the surrounding towns. Walking through the front doors feels like your going to a friend’s house for dinner, greeted with smiles that aren’t forced and welcomed by everybody.

Character and personality aren’t the only things they have though. All of the smiles and happiness are backed up with a killer menu. Executive Chef Scot Craig is a famous name in New Orleans, for places like Katies in mid-city, and Francesca by Katies and now he has brought his 40 years of experience to Bienvenue.

One of the stand out dishes on the expertly crafted menu would have to be the Cochon de Lait Cuban, which is a pork debris and ham sandwich with swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on pressed French bread. However, if you manage to go in on a Saturday or Sunday morning Graham Cooper, the creative director at The Osterfeld Agency “swears you won’t be disappointed by the crab cake benedict”.

So stop by Bienvenue and come try the delicious menu! And if your looking for crawfish this weekend there having weekly crawfish boils on Saturday from 4-8!

Bienvenue on Hickory: 467 Hickory Ave, Harahan, LA 70123

How to Take The Perfect Food Picture

What is the number one thing people look at when they are trying to decide where to go eat?

Is it the location of the restaurant?

– Sometimes

Is it how it looks on the inside?

– That’s a factor

But, most importantly–it’s how the food looks. When I go out to eat I always look at what kind of food they serve and what the quality of the food is. Social media is the best way for restaurants to showcase their food. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Yelp you can use high quality pictures of your dishes to bring people in your doors.


Using these platforms is critical to showing the public your food, so you don’t want to mess that up. That’s why picture quality and photography techniques are crucial to marketing your restaurant. Take your time and practice the techniques we present in this series to perfect your food photography skills and learn what makes customers like, comment, and share your posts to reach more potential customers. 


What to Expect When You’re Perfecting

In this muli-post blog series, we are going to break down some of the basic components of food photography including framing, lighting, and editing. If you follow this series, you’ll learn how to beef up that burger photo to drive traffic–get it? 


Frame It Up

The first step in taking a better food picture is framing. When framing images in food photography, consider using the common photo guideline called the rule of thirds. When looking through your viewfinder, divide the visible space into three parts vertically. Then, divide the space into three horizontal parts as well.

The four ideal points to place the most interesting part of your composition are 1/3 over and 1/3 down (where you see the top of the burger in the following figure), 1/3 over and 2/3 down, 2/3 over and 1/3 down, and 2/3 over and 2/3 down, as indicated in the figure.

Want to up your game, but don’t have the time, skills or equipment to succeed?

Contact us and we’d be happy to schedule a consultation about how our team can help you market your restaurant or brand.

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Press Release: The Daily Beet Joins The Osterfeld Roster

Welcome To The Team

The Osterfeld Agency is pleased to announce that The Daily Beet restaurant and cafe has joined our roster!

Something For Everyone

The Daily Beet offers a wide range of vegan breakfast and lunch dishes all made with fresh ingredients. Don’t worry if you’re an egg for breakfast type of person though, you can add an egg to your meal if you aren’t strictly vegan.

Grab and Go

If you arent looking for a whole meal and just need a “pick me up” don’t fret. The daily beet has a great selection of juices and smoothies to choose from!



Come On By!

Stop by one of their three locations, either on Magazine, Girod in the CBD, or in St Roch Market!


You can find their Magazine Street menu here, their St Roch Market menu here, and their Girod Street menu here.

Press Release: Barcadia Joins The Osterfeld Agency

The Osterfeld Agency is excited to announce that we will be working Barcadia as its marketing and public relations agency going into the new year. We have a lot of exciting stuff planned for the new year and cant wait to show you what we have in store for 2020.

We hope you stop by and we look forward to seeing you. Lets kick off this new decade with a bang!

Ho Ho Head on Down to Dabs

Christmas at dab’s

Celebrate this holiday season with some exciting new things coming to Dab’s Bistro as part of their special Christmas Eve Dinner menu. Enjoy Dukes’ handcrafted three-course meal, with your choice of a starter, an entree, and a dessert.



eat right this season

Start your night with and order of chefs Duke’s famous meatballs, then enjoy some grilled lamb chops with sweet rosemary tomato balsamic sauce with creamy cheesy polenta. Finally, finish off your night with an amazing Banana fosters bread pudding and drinks at the bar. Keep in mind this is merely one of many combinations you can make, the full menu has six starters, six entrees, and 5 desserts to choose from. Not in the mood for lamb? Don’t fret, there’s plenty of seafood, beef, and chicken dishes to choose from.


Spread the cheer

This holiday season reward yourself and your family with an amazing dinner from an amazing chef. The three-course Christmas Eve dinner is $45 and is served from 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm on Christmas Eve. Don’t stress about what to do for your family meal, lets Dab’s Bistro make it easy for you.

Nola Caye Set to Arrive in December

A new but welcomed addition is on its way to the Warehouse District

The owners of Restaurant des Familles in Marrero are set to launch a new eatery at 898 Baronne St. in the Warehouse District called Nola Caye. Nola Caye will serve “Caribbean inspired cuisine,” creating a nice relationship between island flavors and local cuisine.

But Who’s Behind this Food Fusion

Co-owners Bryan and Brooke Zar have extensive careers in hospitality. The two of them spent six years working in management with Houston’s restaurant organization in nine cities before finally coming home to New Orleans in 2008. In 2009, the couple purchased Restaurant des Familles from its former owner and have spent the last decade transforming it into a great spot for locals and tourists alike.

Menu Preview:

The menu features starters ($8 to $16) such as coconut shrimp, ahi tuna ceviche and jalapeño queso dip. Customers are also available to choose from several taco options such as Baja fish and Caribbean pork, or sandwiches like a Cuban or even lobster rolls. For entrees ($15 to $33), they will offer a Jamaican beef stew and grilled mahi-mahi with chimichurri sauce and black bean-mango salsa. This is only a handful of items from the menu which will feature more than what we have listed here.

Keep your eye out for the opening of Nola Caye and tell us what you think about it if you get a chance to try their fusion between Caribbean and Local flavors.

For more food and restaurant news, stay updated at

Food Talk with Chef Scotie and Michael Osterfeld

Food Talk With Chef Scotie 

Join Chef Scot Craig of Katie’s, Francesca, and Bienvenue, and Michael Osterfeld of the Osterfeld Agency on this weeks episode of esteemed New Orleans food critic and radio personality Tom Fitzmorris’s podcast. Chef Scot talks food in New Orleans and about his newest restaurant Bienvenue located in Harrahan, Louisiana.

Check out the Podcast here.

Fantastic Pastas and Where We Rank Them


Let’s spaghet something straight, not all pasta is equal. I thought for national pasta day we should look at a few of the standard types of pastas accompanied by some others and decide which is the best and worth your time. Keep in mind none of these kinds of pasta are bad, all of them are easily a 6/10 at least. However, some truly do shine and stick out from the rest. Heres our list and how they rank.


7. Penne

Have you heard of structural integrity? If not don’t feel bad neither has a penne. Most of the time penne is cooked just a little too long or not long enough. This leaves you with a noodle that’s a little too firm or one that gets soggy and breaks apart under the sauce and attacks from your fork. It’s not the worst noodle but on this list of frontrunners, it falls short.

6. Gomito (aka macaroni)

It’s macaroni. It goes great with cheese and sometimes a hot glue gun. All jokes aside though macaroni is a great choice for kids and when you need to make a lot of food for get-togethers or parties. Its a nice base that’s easy enough to build on and improve. Throw a few different cheeses in, maybe some bacon, and toss some bread crumbs on top and call it a masterpiece.

5. Fusilli

Fusilli is a fascinatingly average pasta. The thing that is has going for it is the fun nature of the twists and twirls. Overall its kind of like a less boring penne. I would dub fusilli as the strictly pasta salad noodle.

4. Linguine

Like spaghetti but wider and more elliptical in shape, linguine is an okay pasta. It’s not bad but its also not great, nothing about it really stands out from the rest or have a wow factor that some of the ones higher on the list have (Im looking at you bucatini)

3. Fettuccine

You wanna know the worst thing to happen to fettuccine? Alfredo sauce. Okay maybe not the worst thing, but it still isn’t great. This pasta has been plagued with almost exclusively being served with a white cream sauce. While yes technically thats not the noodles fault it still plays a factor here. I will say that fettuccine has the most potential of the noodles on our list because its not often that people get creative with this one.

2. Spaghetti

Okay I get it, “spaghetti is the most normal of the noodles so it shouldn’t be this high on the list” you say. You’re wrong. Spaghetti isn’t “normal”, its classic. At least for those of us in the US that is. A majority of you probably grew up eating mostly spaghetti when it came to pasta. Its affordable, easy to cook, and great with any sauce. Its a blank canvas for almost all of the ingredients in your fridge and just asking to be experimented with.

1. Bucatini

It’s like spaghetti but cooler. It’s a medium thickness pasta that’s hollow on the inside. This allows for the sauce to fill up this space allowing each bite to have the perfect amount of flavor. You’re never left feeling like you had a bland bite. It manages to find a great balance between fun/exciting (maybe that’s just me who thinks its fun) and fancy. The thickness of the noodle makes it a great choice for heavier sauces thanks to the fact that you don’t lose the taste of the pasta under the other flavors, while also managing to be great with a nice olive oil-based sauce allowing the flavor of the noodle alone to take the lead.

P.S. We left out some of the superstars such as ravioli as we felt it had an unfair advantage and belonged in its own category


WTF happened to my food?

Have you ever ordered delivery or take-out and after getting your food realized that something was off? With the emergence of food delivery services such as Waitr or doordash it’s becoming a common occurrence that peoples food is being tampered with or in some cases even being eaten before it gets to the customer. It would be great if restaurants started implementing a way for you to know if your food has been messed with in anyway upon receiving it.

RESTAURANT –  it’s time to seal the deal

Thankfully there is such a way to do this. Restaurants can purchase food seal stickers here, and if the seal is broken it immediately lets the customer know that their food may not be up to standard with the restaurants expectations. These stickers are not only helpful for the ones receiving the food, but also for the restaurants themselves. Countless times restaurants are slandered for poor quality in there delivered food, and in some cases it wasn’t the restaurants fault. 

I Scream you scream we all scream when someone licks our ice cream 

Take out food should be regulated like any other type of food, such as jars that have tamper evident tops or bottles with break away plastic locks. Not to long ago there was a scandal centered around Blue Bell, involving customers opening and kicking the ice cream and then putting it back in the freezers. This issue spawned a to add plastic wraps around their ice cream similar to how Ben and Jerrys does theirs. The petition can be found here. It’s time that we no longer have to be weary of our food being messed with or eating before it gets to our door.

Check out another example of a security tape option:

Check out this product:  HERE

Written by William Cooper