Osterfeld Agency to provide free listing service and menu publication to expedite online ordering

The Osterfeld Agency is dedicated to helping our partners in the restaurant and general business industry during this difficult time.  As such, our team has spent the last 48 hours around the clock working to build a robust listing platform for businesses to present information to potential consumers about new business hours, pick-up, delivery options and more, that aren’t readily available in a single place currently.  That can be found at open4bizLA.com

The global Covid-19 pandemic has and will continue to impact our citizens and our business community. Rapidly changing circumstances are affecting people’s ability to secure food and other resources, or to even know which businesses are open and have product available. As a member of the Louisiana Restaurant Association, The Osterfeld Agency has created this internet-based portal through which businesses can easily update to keep the public aware of their resources and abilities. This website will provide the most current information coming directly from businesses to inform the public about their hours of operation, services offered and special services designed to assist during this difficult period.  (Information needs to be verified and is subject to change in the fluid situation.  We are not liable for incorrect information.)

We are also offering a free 2-month subscription to our proprietary software platform, Zapp Guru (zapp.guru), to all Louisiana restaurants who need to update their menus and publish them across the web during a time where most people will be making dining decisions based on online listed menus.  

Finally, we are also offering social media advice and messaging to local business owners who need help with communications through our main agency.  The Osterfeld Agency has partnered with Ellie Rand Public Relations to offer pro bono PR assistance to restaurants over the next 2 weeks on a first come first-served basis.  

“I am extremely proud to be able to help our restaurant and business partners in what is going to be a difficult few weeks.   We are here at your service.  And I believe we will all come out on the other side strong, together”. Said Michael Osterfeld, President of The Osterfeld Agency.  

Requests for assistance can be submitted through the live chat option on the website osterfeldagency.com as well as email to support@michaelostefeld.com.   

The Osterfeld Agency would like to thank Patrick Gros, Wendy Warren, and Sarah Peltier at the LRA and Kristian Sonnier of New Orleans & Company (formerly the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau), for their assistance throughout the last few days. 

Free graphics to communicate with your customers about your business during COVID-19

Osterfeld Agency is providing free support to over 30 restaurants in New Orleans and the surrounding areas for the next 2 weeks while businesses struggle to keep customers engaged and safe during the current pandemic.

Communicating with your customers so they understand the actions you are taking to protect both your staff and their health is an important step in letting people know, while not overreacting, that you are taking this seriously and following the advice of professionals.

Our awesome creative team has created 10 short video graphics that are free to all to use on social media, their websites and other places to communicate with their customers in a positive and educational way.

Check them out. Download and use them as much as you like. Free forever.

Simply right-click to download the image or click the image to download the video.

How to support your favorite Local restaurants over the next few weeks.

So, worried about the Coronavirus? Well, if you are, Fobes has an excellent article out on how to help support your favorite businesses and get your favorite dishes over the next few weeks while whatever is going to happen, happens.

Now, we can’t all just lock ourselves in our homes and wait for months while we hope that this goes away. It isn’t going to. But, we can have a sense of normality in our lives and not panic. You should take steps to protect yourself and your family like washing your hands, distancing yourself from people in public, staying in if you are sick, etc. (Check out our previous post with some links to helpful resources here.)

It might take a few weeks, maybe a month but we are going to have to return to our lives. School will resume, people need to work and life will go on. But while we are at home for the next few weeks away from work and school, do continue to support your local businesses.

Venture out for dinner or order take out.

Forbes senior food contributor Micheline Maynard suggests the following these 5 tips for supporting your favorite restaurant:

  1. Go out and eat.
  2. Honor reservations.
  3. Opt for Carryout or delivery.
  4. Buy gift cards and merchandise
  5. Tip your servers.

Check out the full article at Forbes here.

Thanks for reading.

(Photo: Europa Press, Forbes)

Using Social Media to Recruit for Wyzant

Wyzant is an online services marketplace in educational technology for matching tutors with students. They hired my team specifically to use Facebook to recruit tutors to their growing platform. The site was rapidly taking on new students and they needed to hire more tutors to handle the workload.

Our team created ads and targeted them at educators and experts in various fields such as math, science, reading, writing, music and more through their Facebook feeds to present an offer.

Become a tutor and earn money with Wyzant.

We heavily targeted college students who needed to earn extra income and had the experience to tutor younger students. We created ultra-targeted campaigns to reach active educators and experts that we deemed were likely to be interested in becoming a tutor for the platform.

As a result, we were able to create ROI by adding more tutors to the platform using the paid ad strategy specific to Facebook. We reached the right people with the right qualifications and promoted them to click through to a sign-up form in order to receive more information on becoming a member of the team and earning potential.

At The Osterfeld Agency, our team of experts has been working with Facebook ads and social media targeting for over ten years. We have experience working with some of the largest and most successful companies and small businesses alike. Every client receives our best service and guaranteed attention.

Looking for help with social ads? Talk to us today!

Michael Osterfeld is the President of The Osterfeld Agency and Mikes Big Mouth Media. He is an expert in digital marketing strategy including social media, search, web and brand design. Over the last 10 years, his sites have created billions of traffic clicks for companies around the globe.

This post may have been written by a staff member and not Michael Osterfeld personally.

Wasserman Media: Boosting Ticket Sales for Bay To Breakers Annual Race

Bay to Breakers is a race built by the people. Since 1912, Over 2 million costumed runners, walkers, and centipedes have completed the iconic 12K journey from the San Francisco Bay to the breakers on Ocean Beach.

Our team was tapped to use social media targeted ad campaigns to drive ticket sales on the first day available.

Typically, tickets go on sale and then increase in sales as the event grows closer. Wasserman wanted to target potential runners that were within their target demographic on social media in order to encourage them to buy a discounted ticket on the first day of the sale.

We created campaigns, split testing and unique targeting to reach people within 100 miles of the race location and target those we thought would be most likely to convert to ticket purchase.

Bay To Breakers Starting Line

This campaign had multiple goals including awareness and reach, displaying the content to viewers multiple times to encourage memorability of the ad and likelihood of purchase. The other main goal was direct sales. Selling tickets through ads clicked on social platforms tracked using the Facebook pixel.

The results were outstanding. We were able to create an awareness campaign about the race leading up to the ticket-on-sale date. Overall, on the first day of tickets-on-sale, we were able to sell more on that single first day than any day before.

Specialized social media ads can drive new customers to businesses and create an excellent ROI. If you are looking for someone to help with social media, including completely managed social media, reach out to my team and let’s talk!

Michael Osterfeld is the President of The Osterfeld Agency and Mikes Big Mouth Media. He is an expert in digital marketing strategy including social media, search, web and brand design. Over the last 10 years, his sites have created billions of traffic clicks for companies around the globe.

This post may have been written by a staff member and not Michael Osterfeld personally.

Reaching New Riders for Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is a household name across America. They are known for their quality, iconic bikes and now, their riding academy.

With this campaign, we had two overall goals. Increase sign-ups and participation over the summer for the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy and along with that, promote the availability of used inventory to new riders who would be likely to be interested in making a purchase.

Increasing sign-ups for the academy was the first challenge that we tackled. Our initial planning and research indicated a few things that were important as we began planning the ads and structure. First, we hypothesized that someone who is taking the riding academy for the first time probably did not own a bike. We also predicted (not unexpectedly) that after taking the class, the rider would then be likely to be interested in making a bike purchase. Research indicated that most new riders purchased used bikes. So everything fits together in this case quite nicely for targeting.

There were a lot of demographic pieces that we took into consideration but a couple of big factors for us were age, income, and general interests. Through split test targeting, we quickly realized that a 30+ demographic produced a higher ROI. These people were more likely to have disposable income and be stabilized if they had a family in the works. They also had about 10 years in their jobs so they would likely be a group to have credit to be able to make a purchase. The income demographic is a key piece as well. Having the income to be able to purchase a bike and maintain the requisite lifestyle is important. We wanted to target our ads at people who had the interest and the means to become a lifelong Harley rider. By targeting these specific potential riders, were we able to reduce cost per acquisition by 20% across the board and reach more engaged users.

The second goal ended up being a product of the first result. Once we had engaged with someone interested in the academy we then targeted those people with in-stream ads and follow up campaigns with specific inventory images and price points based on their interest and income level. The theory here is that if they were interested in the class, and had clicked something related to the class, then it was time to target them with options to purchase.

Overall the campaign was regarded as a success and we were able to bring ROI from our efforts to the dealers and deliver on our promise.

Osterfeld Agency can manage campaigns for small businesses to large business, locally, nationally or globally.  Our team has the experience to create engaging content and share it with audiencues to produce the RIO you are looking for.  Talk to us today about how we can help!

Michael Osterfeld is the President of The Osterfeld Agency and Mikes Big Mouth Media. He is an expert in digital marketing strategy including social media, search, web and brand design. Over the last 10 years, his sites have created billions of traffic clicks for companies around the globe.

This post may have been written by a staff member and not Michael Osterfeld personally.

Driving Social Interaction for Argo Tea

Social Targeting

Headquartered in Chicago, As of October 2011 the chain had 26 locations and distribution in over 3,000 grocery stores.  When my team was hired to help Argo Tea expand their LoyalTea club we knew right away that one of the places we had to focus on was Facebook. The plan was to launch a new app that would replace the old program and get customers to download the app on their mobile devices to participate.

Facebook provides a robust number of tools that allow an advertising user to be very specific in their ad targeting. The Argo Tea Facebook page would give us our customer model and from there we could expand targeting to find similar customers based on things like location, age, buying habits, interests.

From there, we would work to create several campaigns and split test the targeting to see which campaigns would get the best results for the least cost. To do this we set up 20 ads using multivariate testing, but also being careful not to make too many changes and confuse the results.

The overall goal was to reach new customers and convert them into LoyalTea program members as well as make sure that existing customers successfully migrated to the new app.

The results ended up being as expected. A LoyalTea member has a projected lifetime value. Based on that lifetime value, the cost of customer acquisition/ migration ended up being well below what it had been previously, making this campaign a success.

Are you struggling with Social Media for your business?

Having a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram are all very important, especially for food brands. Reaching customers who are out there looking to be inspired is critical. If you aren’t engaging people on social media with your brand someone else is. You are missing critical opportunities to communicate with your current customers and find new ones.

If you need help setting up and managing your social media channels don’t hesitate to reach out to my team. We have years of experience managing social media pages, strategy, and paid ad campaigns. ROI for paid ads on Facebook and Instagram (and no, I don’t mean “boosting” posts) can be really good for restaurants and food brands if executed properly. The platforms to build the campaigns are complicated and cumbersome – but you can eventually learn to tame the beast and put it to work for you. If you are looking to get more customers now, we can help.

Contact us:

Michael Osterfeld is the President of The Osterfeld Agency and Mikes Big Mouth Media. He is an expert in digital marketing strategy including social media, search, web and brand design. Over the last 10 years, his sites have created billions of traffic clicks for companies around the globe.

This post may have been written by a staff member and not Michael Osterfeld personally.

Duke LoCicero’s Dab’s Bistro Opens in Metairie

 For More Information:

Ron Ehemann

Chief Operating Officer, The Osterfeld Agency




October 20, 2019

Metairie, LA


Chef Duke LoCicero opens Dab’s in Metairie

For almost three decades Chef Duke LoCicero could be found whipping up 4 star masterpieces at Cafe Giovanni in the French Quarter.  His New World Italian cuisine – Creole-Italian – was defined by Southern Italian classics with a Louisiana flare.  But then worsening business conditions, high-profile crime, and street construction drove him away.  In 2017, Chef Duke closed his NOLA landmark.  

Late this September, LoCicero surprised again when he opened a New Orleans bistro smack dab in Metairie.  In a take from his legal name, Dabney Ewing LoCicero, his new restaurant is called Dab’s Bistro (3401 N. Hullen Street near Lakeside Mall).

Dab’s was created from love.  Truth be told, Chef Duke just simply loves creative cooking.  And Dab’s is nothing if not creative.

The building has housed several restaurants, the last being Cello’s, but Duke changed it all.  He built a new kitchen, the biggest in which he’s ever worked.  He hired local artists to decorate the comfortably modern interior.  And, he brought many of his fine dining dishes from  Giovnni’s, but with a small plate twist.   This isn’t burgers and steaks.  The menu includes Chef Duke’s classic meatballs, bolognese, an outstanding beef short rib. (But you can get a burger, too)

Dab’s has a clean, open look.  The choice of light wood and moderate lighting creates a space where you’ll find comfortable whether in jeans or dressed to the nines.  It’s a colorful place with a large bar and many small plate selections, perfect for light or “bar dining”.  While its not a sports bar and surely doesn’t feel like one, Dab’s does sport a huge screen in one of its two dining rooms and another over the bar.  Dab’s is a great place to take in a game, particularly if you’re hungry for fine food.

“Since opening we have seen a lot of great reviews of Chef Duke’s food and the people are loving it.   They are really glad to have him back.  Close the the mall and everything, Dab’s has something for everyone.   And, he plans to be open for holiday dinners like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and more.”  Said Michael Osterfeld, who handles publicity and marketing for Dab’s through The Osterfeld Agency. “I particularly love the Beef Short Ribs and the Meatball’s! – two of my favorites!”

Chef Duke says he hopes to extend Dab’s hours in the future, he’d like to go late night.  “After 10 there really isn’t anything but burgers.  In the French Quarter there is, but not in  Metairie.  I’d like to change that.   I want to serve our most popular dinner dishes until 2 AM Thursday thru Sunday with a bar featuring bourbon and whiskeys.”

Born and raised here, Chef Duke is a Metairie celebrity of sorts.  The New Orleans Chapter of the American Culinary Federation named him “Chef of the Year” (1999) and “Top 25 Chefs in New Louisiana” (2011).  He was named “Best Executive Chef” by City Business (2008).  The Louisiana Restaurant Association awarded him “Restaurateur of the Year (2004).

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